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Devoted Creations / BeautyTheory
New Business Development

New company launch for an established cosmetics manufacturer.

Registered products and developed and registered compensation plan

Completed tech integration and launched company


Develop and execute complete company and product rollout strategy on behalf of an established global personal care manufacturer.

Since 2003, Devoted Creations has been dedicated to providing tanning salons with high quality tanning products. The company offers 15 diverse product lines designed to meet the needs of all salon clientele.

As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, the company ensures that only the finest and freshest ingredients are used in their products. Devoted Creations design, develop, test, manufacture, label, and bottle all products in-house.

BeautyTheory Support


  • Revenue is the tanning industry has been declining for an extended period and Devoted Creations was seeking to expand its brand by adding anew anti-aging skincare line to its offering.
  • The company also wanted to establish itself as a direct seller.


The BoCG team devised a complete strategic plan for Devoted Creations to enter the anti-aging skincare vertical. The roadmap included the setup of the BeautyTheory LLC entity, developing a compensation plan to support the direct selling model and registering the company as a direct seller in 50 states.

The team vetted and implemented a complete technology stack along with an ecommerce platform inclusive of direct selling referral, replicated websites, lineage, and payout mechanisms. Finally the team integrated the new entity’s ecommerce platform with the existing ERP and warehousing solutions in order to manage distribution directly to customers.

As part of the marketing efforts, the team designed the company website, developed a commercial, product guide, getting started guide for direct sellers as well as brochures for distribution. All marketing materials were vetted by outside counsel to ensure regulatory compliance.

In addition to the full-size products, the team devised a product sampling strategy that included developing single-use product packets for customers to try the products before purchasing the full versions.


  • Trained initial Independent Beauty Advisors
  • Developed foundation and launched company
  • Successful management transition

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